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What is Final Expense Insurance?

Sabal Financial Services offers final expense insurance and it is an insurance policy, which covers the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills and funeral expenses. Final expense insurance is also known as burial insurance. Unfortunately, even bare-bones funerals can cost thousands of dollars.

How Much is Final Expense Insurance?

The average funeral cost now is approximately $8,500. But, $10,000 might be a better estimate. However, if you add in additional fees for flowers, cemetery, obituaries, headstones, monuments, etc., the cost can rise to nearly $15,000. If you account for a 5% inflation rate per year, the average cost by 2030 would be about $18,200.

Final Expense Insurance Cost for My Parents?

Buying final expense insurance or burial insurance for parents. For example, they may be afflicted by a severe disease or simply may not have the financial means to pay insurance premiums. In such instances, you, as a dependent, may be able to purchase elderly insurance that covers your financial expenses upon the passing of your parents at Sabal Financial Services.

Final Expense Insurance

Why You Should Consider Life Insurance?

With so many things in life being uncertain, you should prepare for any eventuality. In fact, the only things certain in life are taxes and death. One or both of these things are bound to happen at some point in a person’s life. While taxes will always be present in every society, death can come like a thief in the night.

Sickness and death are frightening as it is. They become all the more frightening when a person has not prepared for such an event. This is the reason why every person should get a life insurance or at least final expense insurance.

People should always plan their finances and getting a final expense life insurance policy is one way of planning your finances. Getting life insurance is just like saving up for the future because there are life insurance policies that provide for a cash value in the event that the insurance is not used up by the person insured. Under this provision, the insured can withdraw or borrow from his insurance policy. It also means preparing for the future of the people you love in case something happens to you.

At Sabal Financial Services, we know a life insurance policy can go a long way in helping dependents who experience the death of a loved one. When the bread winner dies, these dependents have no one to turn to, but if the bread winner has a life insurance policy, then he is assured that he will leave his dependents with something to hang on until such time when they are already capable of fending for themselves.

Any person who has an income should get a life insurance not only to serve as a lifeline for their dependents. A life insurance policy can also take care of the death-related expenses of the deceased including expenses for the funeral and even for probate of his will.

Some people are not as lucky as others and they will not be able to leave mansions and lands to their dependents. With a life insurance policy, a parent can now leave even a meager inheritance to his dependents or beneficiaries.

At Sabal Financial Services, we know that getting a life insurance policy is very important especially for people who have dependents, particularly very young children who are not yet able to work and fend for themselves. The amount of life insurance a person should get should be based on the number of dependents he has and also on his paying capacity.

A person interested in getting a life insurance policy can choose from several kinds of insurance---the term insurance and the whole life insurance are examples. A term insurance is paid out by the insurer after the death of the insured. A whole life insurance is much more complicated and involves a lot of provisions and benefits.

No matter what kind of insurance you want to get, every person should look at the possibility of getting a life insurance. This will assure them that their loved ones would be taken care of in the event that they are no longer there to support them.

Legacy Insurance

What is a Family Legacy?

A family legacy means the accomplishments, beliefs, actions and guidance you demonstrate in your lives – that carry forward to future generations in a fashion which allow those family members to adopt and adapt them to make their lives meaningful and fruitful. This is one of the main reasons we founded our company with the name Sabal Financial Services.

Sabal Financial Services

What Does Legacy Mean?

The meaning legacy is a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest. It can be anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. It can be endowed or conveyed from one person to another. It is something descendible one comes into possession of that is transmitted, inherited or received from predecessor.

Final Expense Insurance

What is a Legacy in a Will?

It is a gift of personal property or money to a beneficiary (legatee) of a will. While technically, legacy does not include real property (which is a "devise"), legacy usually refers to any gift from the estate of one who has died. It is synonymous with the word "bequest."

Final Expense Insurance


What is Legacy in History?

In law, a legacy is something acquired by inheritance, or by a will. In historical terms, a legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Often it means something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor.

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What is a Financial Legacy?

Legacy planning is a financial strategy that prepares a person to bequeath his or her assets to a loved one or next of kin after death. There are some circumstances that a person can bequeath to a charity. These affairs are usually planned and organized by a financial advisor.

Final Expense Insurance

What is a Living Legacy?

A living legacy is a way to capture life lessons, stories, sentiments, memories, and traditions. Legacies convey what we want remaining generations to know and understand about our life experiences. They help us to remember and heal as we carry on important traditions.

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